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Hope Woodwork News

There are exciting developments at Hope Woodwork. High quality training and support continues to be offered by our dedicated team of staff and volunteers. How to cover the overheads of the workshop has always been a challenge.

The Bruderhof Community in Robertsbridge have always been very supportive and Hope Woodwork has made parts for their garden furniture business over the past couple of years, which has provided useful income. A few months ago they asked if we’d like to take on the running of that business. After some deliberation and prayer, we decided that this could be a very positive option to help sustain Hope Woodwork.

Materials were transported and the workshop reorganised. Within a short time, chairs, footrests and tables were being assembled and orders being dispatched. The workshop has taken on a busy production atmosphere and what with the regular training courses still taking place, the team are working incredibly hard. If you’re interested in being involved, please do get in contact :

Our hope is that some people we train will be able to progress and help with the future production.

Do take a look at the quality products being made at


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