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A Christian charity based in Eastbourne offering hope, restoration and purpose to those we work with. We are motivated by our faith to serve others and our Christian ethos of mercy, compassion and justice infuses all we do.

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Our vision is to see people offered hope, being restored, fulfilling their potential and actively participating in society.
Through our projects in Eastbourne we work with people to address barriers they face to a more stable lifestyle. We help them discover skills, attitudes and values that enable them to develop hope for a better future.

Our aim is to see people able to sustain stable, healthy and interdependent lifestyles with a sense of purpose and wellbeing. We also want them to have had an opportunity to consider issues of the Christian faith.

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Night Shelter is a project that provides short-term emergency shelter and a hot meal. Many receive help in addressing issues such as residency status, benefit claims and health challenges., as well as being able to seek help with longer term housing.

The Bridge provides a structured residential process of restoration. But it offers more than just a roof over people's heads. It gives support for those seeking to address issues and progress on their journey through life.

Hope into Action houses provide a secure, supportive home. Staff, helped by volunteers from local churches, provide regular support to empower tenants who are moving towards interdependent living.


Hope Woodwork is a project where people can discover new skills, strengthen their everyday life skills and be equipped for a return to the workplace with the help and support of the friendly team of staff and volunteers at the fully-equipped workshop.

For more information about any of these projects, how to get involved or find out more about accessing what they offer please click on the relevant logo. Note: some projects are working slightly differently at present because of covid guidelines and restrictions.


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How to get involved


We value our volunteers and deeply appreciate the time they give to our projects. To find out more about getting involved, please visit the page of the project you are interested in. Volunteers will normally have to be DBS safety-checked and will need to provide referees. We will provide induction and training for all volunteers.

We see work as an important part of the rehabilitation process. Learning a healthy routine of work or engaging in other meaningful activity is something we aim to encourage among those we help. We are looking for work, training or volunteering opportunities. The people we work with have a range of skills, experience, attitudes and ambitions, so we are looking for a similarly broad range of opportunities and people that can support them in this way. If you can help with this please let us know.


As a Christian organisation we believe in the importance of prayer in all we do. We appreciate prayer for the projects, staff and those we seek to support. We have a regular prayer meeting in Eastbourne on the third Thursday morning of every month. For more information please contact us.


We believe the local Church has a tremendous amount to offer to vulnerable people such as those we meet through our projects. The ability to show care and love, to walk alongside people for the longer term, to provide stability and a place of welcome, are all things that statutory bodies and other agencies struggle to do. The local Church, a community of praying and caring people, is key to the success of our projects. And so we encourage you, if you lead or are an active member of a Church in Eastbourne, to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear more about you and share more about what we do with you. Contact us today.


We aim to use our finances as efficiently as possible and to greatest effect. Many working with Kingdom Way Trust are volunteers. However, we want to pay a fair living wage to our staff team and have a range of other expenses we have to meet. Your donations would be most welcome!​

You can donate here using a variety of means. Please contact us if you would prefer to send a cheque or pay by bank transfer and we can give you all the details you need.

Job opportunities

Paid job opportunities will appear here when we have them. 

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