Jesus told his disciples “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

(Matthew 25:40)


The Eastbourne Winter Night Shelter was established to provide emergency beds for the street homeless throughout each December, January and February. In addition to shelter and a bed for the night, the aim was to provide a safe and warm environment with hot food and a friendly welcome in a place where they would be treated them with care and respect.  Watch our video here.

What we offer

Covid changed the way we worked last winter and will continue to do so this year. Kingdom Way Trust and the Eastbourne churches, on the advice of authorities and health professionals, are not able to offer the dormitory-style winter night shelter accommodation as they had done for nine years. 

Emergency Winter Accommodation provision will be offered during the period 6th December 2021 until probably 28th February 2022. However this will be totally different to the previous Winter Night Shelter.

Emergency accommodation will be provided in single rooms normally for a single night only.

This year we are unable to provide accommodation for longer periods. It is offered only for emergency situations where time is needed for someone to be assessed or alternative plans made.

Eastbourne Borough Council will continue to provide accommodation for rough sleepers to whom they have a duty to house. These residents continue to be provided with meals and cakes made by volunteers, a couple of times a week.




The criteria for acceptance will be similar to those applied by the Council when considering emergency SWEP placements.

Any potential guest will need to confirm that in the absence of emergency accommodation, they would be sleeping rough that night.

Potential guests who’ve previously been convicted of arson, or a sexual offence, will not be accepted.

Neither drugs nor alcohol will be permitted on the premises. Potential guests who are unable to accept these conditions will not be accepted.

We will check with the Council whether a potential guest has previously been offered accommodation or been evicted. This may result in a potential guest not being accepted for a room.

Once someone has been given a bed for a night they will be expected to speak with a member of the Rough Sleeping Initiative or Eastbourne Borough Council to be assessed for possible ‘next step’ arrangements.

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Referrals should be made as early in the day as possible, to give sufficient time for the assessment to be carried out, availability to be confirmed and a reservation made. Normally referrals should be made by 5.00pm. It is appreciated, however, that referrals may on some occasions be later in the evening and we will do our best to process them.

Referrals should preferably be made by the potential guest’s agency, support group, or key worker. This will enable the support worker to run through the above ‘criteria for acceptance’ with the potential guest before deciding that a referral is appropriate.


The referral should be made by calling 07932 407730.


At the time of referral, the referring agency (or the potential guest) will be asked for the potential guest’s full name, date of birth, and if available: National Insurance Number. Plus a contact number.

Acceptance of the potential guest is not confirmed until Kingdom Way Trust calls back (to the referring agency or potential guest) stating that a reservation has been made.

When the guest checks into the accommodation, it will be extremely helpful if he/she has some form of ID and/or a letter/note from the referring agency confirming the guest’s personal details.

During the winter the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) will also operate. These are special measures to house verified rough sleepers when the wind chill temperature drops below 0 degrees. Partner agencies are notified when SWEP is activated.

Rough sleepers in Eastbourne should call the Housing Needs Team on 01323 410000 during office hours for an assessment. After 5pm or at weekends, they should use the out of hours number, 01323 644422.

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The emergency accommodation being offered this year comes at a cost for the rooms provided.

Kingdom Way Trust are creating a fund to help cover this cost. If you would like to contribute towards this fund please click here for ways to donate



or contact Roland using the details below



Project Manager: Roland Brown (for all general enquiries) wns@kingdomwaytrust.org