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Transforming the lives of marginalised and vulnerable adults through meaningful activities to equip and train them to live more interdependent lives.

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Hope Woodwork Vision

Our vision at Hope Woodwork is to support individuals and groups that have a variety of backgrounds, including unemployment and part-time workers, supported accommodation, substance misuse recovery, probation, receiving counselling, etc, through their life journey towards employment.

HWW vision

What we offer

  • Comprehensive woodworking training programme

  • Safe, relaxed, real-life working environment

  • Tailored timetables from one day per week

  • Supervised tuition in a relaxed atmosphere

  • Personal protective equipment provided

offer HWW
HWW Bench

Our Products

  • A variety of products are for sale to contribute to the running costs of the project.

       Please visit our online shop

  • Bespoke projects designed and built to a high standard 

  • Experienced craftsmen will work with you to meet your requirements​​

  • View examples of work in our gallery

  • Contact us for a free consultation and quote

  • We use recycled wood wherever possible

Chain link

Get involved

Be a vital link in the chain. There are many areas where we need volunteers to help support the ongoing efforts of Hope Woodwork and not just in the workshop. For example supervising, mentoring, pastoral care, sales and marketing, fund raising and cleaning.

Come join our vibrant and encouraging team.

We also benefit greatly from donations of wood, timber and tools. Please contact us.

Alternatively please consider making a financial donation; your regular contribution helps a vulnerable and marginalised adult on the road to recovery. ​

get invloved hww
Wood Curving

Application process

Contact us to arrange a visit
Complete application form
Your application is processed
Invitation is offered
Placement starts

Hope Woodwork

Unit A, 7-9 Finmere Road

Eastbourne BN22 8QG

07546 256411

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