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A different winter for the Eastbourne Night Shelter...

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Winter Temporary Accommodation

Coronavirus has forced changes to the Winter Night Shelter this season. With church halls closed and people unable to mix, Eastbourne Borough Council provided three houses as winter temporary accommodation for rough sleepers. Since November, volunteers have been providing meals every day for residents. Initially the meals were served by volunteers in the houses, giving the opportunity for some interaction. Since the tighter restrictions, the meals have just been delivered. This winter the team is providing help for a longer period, with meals being offered until 31 March.

Project Coordinator Roland Brown, said ‘We are very grateful to all who are involved in cooking and delivering meals. Although very different from previous years, it is good to be able to serve in this way and support those who are being provided with a place to stay. We hope and pray that this opportunity along with the work of the Rough Sleeping Initiative team, will enable many to move on to more permanent accommodation.’

Read more about how this worked out here.


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