Our hope is that the residents will be provided with ‘a bridge’ from an old to a new life, from hopelessness to hope.


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Our vision is to provide supported accommodation where men can move from an old to a new life, from hopelessness to hope. We want to see those who were homeless or needing support in other ways able to sustain stable interdependent healthy lifestyles with a sense of purpose and wellbeing, having also had an opportunity to consider issues of the Christian faith.

The Bridge is designed to be a safe environment for those who are working through major challenges in their past. For some that will have been addiction issues, for others it might be poor mental health, homelessness or living in very unstable situations.


What we offer

  • Supported accommodation for six residents who stay between six months and two years with the aim of creating a community/family environment.

  • Practical support and encouragement from our experienced staff team and volunteers.

  • Holistic support in dealing with physical and psychological needs through partnership with other agencies.

  • Opportunities for training, activities and voluntary placements.



Initial enquiry from individual or agency

Email: thebridge@kingdomwaytrust.org   Phone: 01323 652130


Informal meeting to establish whether The Bridge may be an appropriate option.


Complete and submit application form. References taken.


Assessment interview.


Outcome communicated.

If successful, meet other residents and arrange move-in.



Get involved

Volunteer support

One way we support residents at The Bridge is by giving them the opportunity to be involved in a variety of activities. These include educational and leisure trips, volunteering, music and sport among others. Often it helps residents to have someone to go with. Could you offer your services/skills or time to accompany someone to an activity? If so, please get in touch.


Housing costs for each resident are covered, usually through Housing Benefit. But support staff costs are additional and funds have to be raised to cover these.
For ways to donate, please click here


Supporting our residents and staff through prayer is vital. Please contact us to receive more information.



For more information on applying for a place or getting involved:
Email: thebridge@kingdomwaytrust.org  

Phone: 01323 652130