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Good news... moving on

S was referred to us as he had been living on the streets following a relationship breakdown and job loss. He integrated well into our shared emergency accommodation and it wasn’t long before he and a few of the other residents were eating together and sharing good social interaction. He was keen to work and applied for jobs daily but received little response. Whilst this could have been quite deflating, S was encouraged to make use of his time by learning skills to support his already gained building work skill set. S began volunteering at Hope Woodwork and progressed well completing the basic course and moving on to using the more technical machinery. He actively sought accommodation and with our support, managed to secure a privately rented room.  After 3 months of housing and support with us he moved into his new longer term accommodation with which he was delighted. He said "I could never have done this without you." We have since heard from him that he now has a job.

K was a refugee who arrived with us after being evicted from hotel accommodation having been given permission to stay in the UK. An error on his residency card meant he was unable to claim benefits of any kind. K was attending college, studying English and learning barbering but was struggling with no finances for transport. He was supported with form filling and awarded the appropriate travel money. K had tried to amend the card error for many months but to no avail. His support Worker made the necessary contact with the Home Office and successfully rectified the error. With a corrected Card, Universal Credit was applied for and approved. After some eight months of having no money, K is now able to purchase his own food, personal items and has allowed him to now seek longer term accommodation. 


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