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Letter to my addiction

One of our residents has written this insightful piece that he is happy for us to share with you which gives a helpful perspective on Addiction.

When I was a boy, you helped me to survive in a world filled with doubt.

You gave me succour and an easy way out.

You gently numbed my fear. But as I grew, you shrank on me. Morphing to a straitjacket.

Squeezing the life from me. Dampening my feelings, warping my reality. Leaving me lost, confused and alone.

Everyone around me moving forwards. Leaving me guilty, envious and bitter.

Craving their momentum and drive, hating myself as I fell by the wayside. Unsure of my place.

Where was I from, where was I going? Merely it seemed, on a journey of excess, into the jaws of oblivion. Soon to be a dark memory.

You fuelled the burning of bridges. You were the destroyer of opportunities, poisoner of relationships.

Shattering my mind and withering my body. Yet still I protected you, fed you even.

Shielding you from the gaze of others who wanted you dead, and me free.

I treated you as my only friend, as you quietly drew me away from love.

Shredding my soul and dissolving my spirit. The anger for you, has rekindled my joy.

You once made me weak, but now I am strong. You tried to take everything, I would not let go.

Goodbye former ally...


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