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Love Thy Neighbour

When The Bridge came to its current location there was concern about how residents would be received in the neighbourhood. Over time there have been a few incidents that we have had to deal with; but recently, and after lots of prayer, we have seen a shift in this.

The guys we have at present have made a real effort with talking to and getting to know the neighbours. Over the glorious summer they have had fun in the garden growing vegetables and tomatoes with help and guidance from the neighbours. The crops were shared and tea and coffee had in our garden. One of our residents has been able to fix a broken bench for our elderly neighbours with his help and guidance and use of tools from the neighbour the other side.

The relationship has been made through friendship and laughter and with lots of prayer too. It is a reminder that we have been instructed to love our neighbours, and it has been so positive to see this in action over the last few months.


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