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Winter Night Shelter

It’s now three years since we last operated the Winter Night Shelter from local church halls. However, volunteers from churches have continued to provide meals and support to people in single room accommodation that were offered to rough sleepers over the winter.

This past winter we had seven rooms that were occupied almost continually from early January to the end of April. In addition to having a place to stay and a hot meal, many received help in addressing issues such as residency status, benefit claims and health challenges. One encouraging outcome of being able to work with guests throughout the day was the number who were supported to move into longer term housing.

Here are some of their comments:

-S came to us in a state of alcoholism and severe anxiety. With encouragement, care and many hours of listening, tears and acknowledging his past, we supported him into moving into his own flat He is now sober and has a full time job “If it wasn’t for you (KWT) I couldn’t of turned my life around, I’m forever grateful.”

-J came to the area to end his life due to a number of medical conditions We gave love and support, talked through what shouldn’t be taboo subjects, made medical appointments and achieved getting the answers needed He said the KWT was a “life-line” and is now housed and has re-found his faith and purpose. He took the time to write an email of thanks to the staff and particularly the volunteers who cooked and came and chatted.

-C was difficult to work with at times as whilst homeless and unemployed was set on working things out for himself with high expectations. He was angry at the world and the system. With a gentle approach, he put his pride aside and allowed us (KWT) to work with him. He is now housed.

We are hoping to be able to provide similar accommodation and support this coming season and beyond. This will depend on the availability of funds and the right sort of property. We’re on the lookout for somewhere to use that would provide a home for 8-10 people!


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